Me and 10 of my friends had a 3 days trip to south of Iran for photography. I haven’t been there before so I was excited to see the city and it’s people. South of Iran is always hot so we didn’t expect rain and cold days and nights there! We started our trip on Wednsday at 9pm, so we had to sleep in the minibus during the freezing night. On thursday noon we were in Genaveh harbour but the city is special for shopping and aslo it was rainy so the result is NO Photo! Our next stop was Boushehr, we had a motel to rest but we prefer to walk to the beach but seeing persian gulf at night was so refreshing for us. Next day we spend our time near the beach and it was near afternoon that we headed toward Asalouyeh. it is best known as the site for the land based facilities of the huge PSEEZ (Pars Special Energy Economic Zone) project. It was really nice at night but it was pollution that prevent us to breath well. Next morning, we visited Nayband protected bay near Asalouyeh. This area boasts of a variety of wildlife and from this point of view holds its own.

There was a boat near the beach and some of the friends got on that and after an hour waiting for them to come back we found that they had stuck in the water and with a white Tshirt they are asking for help! That day was an amazing day and we have to thank god that we are still here. In the way back to Isfahan we were in the storm too and I don’t know how we survived from tunder and lightening. Although I don’t have any good photo from this trip but now I have more experiance for travelling! 😉


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