Ghalishooyan ritual

Every year on the second Friday of autumn, people of Kashan city have a mourning and ‎sorrow ritual for Imam’s child (Imamzade Soltan Ali Mohammad Bagher) who is buried ‎in Mashad Ardehal near Kashan. In this ritual, in memory of the day of Imam’s death, a ‎lot of people have a stick in their hands and carry the carpet of Imam to the nearest spring ‎in the village and wash their sticks and carpet. Then they return to his shrine while they ‎say “Ya Hossein” and cry for his death. This ceremony was held from the first Islamic ‎centuries and continued till now. Its reason is that when Imam surrounded by his enemies, his supporters heard its news and went to help him but they were ‎late and the enemies had killed him so they put his body in a rug and by mourning and ‎cry, they had washed his body in the spring and buried him in its current shrine. ‎Click on the thumbnail below, to view more photos.



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